Week Three


Tintinn – what?


Chatting with Daniel (free space gallery director) and we decided i’d set up a blog for the residency ;

‘I want to call it tintinnabulation’
‘D’you think that’s a bit …’
‘Yes … d’you think that’s a bit longwinded … tintinnabulation.wordpress.com, it’s a bit long don’t you think!’
‘What does it …’
‘It’s a word that was coined by Edgar Allen Poe … used in a poem … with the line the tintinnabulation that so musically wells … it’s a bit long though isn’t it’
‘but I like it … it’s …’
‘I like it too … okay i’ll do it’

And so I did and here it is and it became even longer as wordpress decided I could have it but with the suffix 2017 attached … which is okay – I think … it’s certainly spans the distance between myself, Poe and the year (c.1848) of the words creation.

Hear the sledges with the bells -
Silver bells!
What a world of merriment their melody foretells!
How they tinkle, tinkle, tinkle,
In the icy air of night!
While the stars that oversprinkle
All the heavens, seem to twinkle
With a crystalline delight;
Keeping time, time, time,
In a sort of Runic rhyme,
To the tintinnabulation that so musically wells
From the bells, bells, bells, bells,
Bells, bells, bells -
From the jingling and the tinkling of the bells.
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