Week Six


Hissing …


Catching up with myself … organising … reflecting … planning … week 7 has already begun, week 6 was demanding, the days wanted more from me than I had, more than there was … the hiss gets louder … don’t listen … tune out … it plays in the background …


Week Five




‘Where you are – the place we occupy, however briefly – has everything to do with what and who we are (and finally, that we are).’ – E. S Casey

I can’t believe I’m in week five of the residency, time is running so fast … where am I ! I’m dividing myself between several places at once, or rather immersing myself in several locations at once, immediately, now, this is not brief, but fully felt, fully experienced, though in a greater context it is but a moment, fleeting and fast … today I struggle to hear my recording, T is loud, even with the headphones on … I keep perspective, it is an experience but it isn’t who I am.

Week Three


What is Silence ?


Between the ‘this that is me space’ and this room the place outside of me … it is nowhere … where then can it be found ? can it be? is it so ?

I’m here getting organised, I know i’ll be here for the day … will quickly read through notes to catch up before writing … and then continue with the drawing …

Week Two


Feet to the floor!


Bare foot and grounded … connecting to the space … internal temperature fluctuates as does the external … planning at the laptop with a cup of tea, I start the day by organising my thoughts, what am I going to do today, what is my overall time frame, being organised and staying focused will anchor me in, it’s still early days but time moves quickly … this thought makes me nervous !